• Double Pipe

    Double Pipe

    Caesar II plot van double pipe.
  • Spring support

    Spring support

    Spring support piping
  • Expansion loop

    Expansion loop

    Steamline with expansion loop
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AKconflex BV is your partner when particular knowledge and consultancy is requested in the field of design and legislation of pipestress- and vessel engineering. We offer the following services:
  • Consultancy, Pipestress- and strength calculations
  • Performing stress calculations for piping systems with use of P10- or CeasarII-software.
  • Performing strength calculations according all actual international design codes: PED, RToD (Dutch rules for pressure vessels), ASME, PD5500, AD-2000, EN13445, EN13480, TEMA, EN14015 (BS2654), etc.
  • Design of piping components and piping classes, horizontal and vertical vessels, heat exchangers (shell & tube en aircoolers), columns, storage tanks, etc.
  • Offering support regarding design of piping and static equipment in view of detail engineering and legislation

For the following services , please refer to our sister companies:

WKconflex BV WKconflex BV
Vessel engineering
Wouter Kriens: 06 – 22 43 41 69
WKTservice BV WKTservice BV
Chemelot Site Services
Mark Rombouts: 06 – 24 21 06 31